Corporate Sustainability Energy Consulting Services

Building the Sustainable Future—Today

Today, 65% of executives report that sustainability is at the top of their management agenda. Embedding sustainability into your business models and governance processes empowers you to leverage growth opportunities and resource advantages to achieve significant cost savings. Competitive advantage flows to organizations that know how to do more with less.

Through our sustainability consulting services, Environ has a proven track record of helping organizations of all sizes significantly reduce energy consumption, increase operational resiliency, improve sustainability scores and save money. We provide effective, value-added corporate sustainability consulting and advisory services—from ground-up strategy deployment to third-party review and verification, our customized solutions position organizations to address the growing demand for decarbonizing buildings.

Developing a comprehensive sustainability plan is the first step toward managing the various factors that impact the performance of your portfolio. A properly aligned sustainability strategy can significantly improve tenant satisfaction, increase property value, drive down greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce overall energy costs.

Multiple solar panels, pollution-free green energy base.

Consulting Services

Sustainability consulting services we offer include:

  • Climate Action Plan development
  • Comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory and reduction strategies
  • Carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Energy-efficiency upgrades
  • Green energy procurement
  • Financing energy sustainability
  • Corporate sustainability training
  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating SystemTM (STARS) Survey for higher-education institutions

Environmental Stewardship at Environ

Stewardship of the planet is central to our approach to energy and infrastructure management. Our service offerings consider the impact our actions have on the environment.

Sustainable procurement strategies, Climate Action Plans, clean, on-site power generation, energy solutions financing and carbon-reduction interventions are just some of the approaches we deploy to support your energy management needs.

Sustainable Working and Living Environments

There is an increasing demand for working, living and public-use environments to operate more sustainably. Commercial and residential tenants, students, patients and customers all want to live, work, seek treatment, shop and conduct business in facilities that support sustainable operating practices.

Business owners and building operators find that incorporating sustainability into their planning can make for happier tenants and building occupants. This translates into higher property values, better tenant retention, and lower energy costs.


The world is in transition to a low-carbon economy. To stay competitive, you need sound sustainability goals and an action plan.

We’ll work with you to build sustainability into your business models and governance processes.

Under our approach, your organization will reduce energy consumption, improve operational resiliency, raise sustainability scores, and save money.