Data Centers

The digital transformation is creating a global data explosion, and data centers are consuming massive amounts of energy. As a data center owner, you know it’s critical to implement clean, energy-efficient and resilient strategies to keep your facility running. We understand the latest technology advances to help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive down costs.

Environmental stewardship plays a major role in the design, construction and operation of modern data centers. We take a holistic problem-solving approach to develop sustainable and resilient energy solutions for data centers, including real-time energy management and grid-parallel microgrids.

DER in Action

We’ll work with you to implement “value stacking,” combining advanced technologies like fuel cells, combined heat and power, solar-plus-battery storage, and microgrid deployment that meet the requirements for green energy tariffs. You’ll reduce how much power you buy from the grid, and you’ll create new revenue streams that improve the economics for DER. Most importantly, on-site power generation protects against a data center’s greatest adversary: downtime. With a properly engineered DER in place, a data center can disconnect from the grid and enter island mode, in case of a prolonged power outage.