About Environ

Environ is a full-service energy consulting and management firm. Our tailor-made energy solutions focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, clean on-site power generation, energy resiliency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy procurement. We understand the complex relationship between procuring energy, reducing consumption and being stewards of the environment while operating a reliable and resilient business.

Environ Divisions

Hospital Energy is the nation’s leading energy firm for healthcare, serving the largest integrated delivery networks alongside the industry’s most fragile critical-access hospitals. Hospital Energy’s leadership organized and staffed the energy programs for America’s largest group purchasing organizations, VHA/Vizient and Premier Healthcare Alliance. This team also authored AHA Best Practices in Energy Procurement, Business Planning for Energy Resiliency and Financing Energy Sustainability.

Hospital Energy

Gotham 360 provides a holistic, 360-degree approach to energy management, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and carbon reduction. Gotham supports many of the largest hospitals, universities, government agencies, hospitality providers and real estate developers in North America. The team is passionate about implementing energy-efficiency, sustainability and resiliency measures for buildings; reducing operational costs, and managing risk for our clientele. Environmental stewardship is at the heart of the company.

Gotham 360

Corporate Overview

We bring best-in-class energy management and sustainability strategies to organizations throughout North America and Europe.

We provide a wide range of services from energy procurement to efficiency upgrades, resiliency business planning and financing energy sustainability, including deployment of solar-plus-battery storage projects and renewable power purchase agreements.

Data-Driven Analytics

We analyze data to understand all the risks: market, regulatory, carbon and contracting, to deliver sophisticated energy management solutions.

Concierge-like Service

We actively engage with you for long-run results. We can guide you through the complexities of ESG reporting and compliance.

Timeless Solutions

We see energy decisions through a financial lens to ensure you get sustainable results that endure over time.

Great things happen when dedicated people come together to make a difference.