Energy Expertise for Multiple Industry Sectors

Cost-effectively reducing your carbon footprint is important for every organization, but the requirements and challenges vary depending on your industry sector. From healthcare to hospitality, higher education to financial institutions, real estate to industry, and data centers to government projects, our engaged experts understand the nuances of your unique needs. We work collaboratively with you to precisely design sophisticated, data-driven energy management solutions.


In healthcare, energy management must support the mission of protecting the patient. By focusing on energy resiliency, efficiency and sustainability measures, we help you drive down costs while ensuring optimal patient outcomes and a reduced carbon footprint.

We have deep experience in healthcare energy management through both our industry-leading Hospital Energy and Gotham 360 divisions. We understand the ever-changing challenges hospitals face and the importance of prudent cost management to curb steeply rising healthcare costs. By deploying customized energy strategies, we help balance energy intensity and the corresponding utility spend required to run a hospital with the need to maintain exceptional environmental quality.

Client Success

We serve some of the largest integrated delivery networks (IDNs) in the United States, including Ascension and AdventHealth, and leading academic medical centers such as NewYork-Presbyterian and NYU Langone. We also serve some of the nation’s most financially challenged urban and rural critical-access hospitals, which deserve the very best support in their care for our fellow citizens.

For NYU Langone Medical Center, we generated significant energy cost savings at two campus facilities with very different energy load profiles. Dynamic peak shaving was utilized where demand flexibility was available, and deregulated energy products that contain more fixed positions managed the overall cost volatility for the hospital. Read the full case study here.

Higher Education

Higher-education institutions spend almost $14 billion annually on energy. While faculty and students demand better environmental stewardship, colleges and universities are facing tight budget pressures, and energy is a significant spend. We work with you to analyze overall energy consumption and performance across buildings and systems to develop actionable strategies that help you power a sustainable campus.

How does your school stack up against the competition? The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. An Environ STARS Survey is the first step in providing you with the data and insight needed to make a positive difference on your campus.  

Client Success

We work with some of the largest and most complex university campuses to establish innovative energy programs that balance energy costs with sustainability goals through participation in renewable-energy markets. For example, by improving energy efficiency and implementing Climate Action Plans and sustainable procurement strategies, we helped Stevens Institute of Technology reduce its energy bills by more than 30%.

Other campus clients include Weill Cornell Medical College and The Rockefeller University.

Real Estate Development and Management

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, spaces must be designed with sustainability and tenant comfort in mind. We help commercial and multi-unit property owners rise to the challenge by integrating comprehensive strategies throughout the property lifecycle: design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Some of the largest REITs and commercial property owners turn to Environ’s skilled LEED-credentialed teams for guidance. We implement best-in-class energy strategies focused on improving energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency revenue by identifying and eliminating areas of waste and reducing overall costs.

From smart metering and real-time energy monitoring, to identifying trends and developing data-based strategies, our approach makes it possible to improve property valuations, create new revenue streams, attract high-paying tenants, and make your property stand out.

Building Certification Partners

We hold certifications with the U.S. Green Building Council, the U.S. Resiliency Council, the Building Energy Exchange and the International WELL Building Institute.


The industrial sector consumes 51% of total global energy usage—even more when transportation costs of manufactured goods are figured in. Industrial companies want to do their part in reducing the world’s carbon footprint, but balancing productivity and conservation is a challenge. Using proven economic models, Environ creates this balance. Every industrial enterprise presents a unique set of energy-related challenges. The type, size and location of your operation, as well as local and federal laws, play a role in determining how best to meet your particular energy needs. Our goal is to ensure you have on-site power generation, use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive down overall operating costs.

Client Success

We collaborated with Brooklyn Brewery to find a holistic approach to their energy needs by reviewing all aspects of the business. Not only did we put them on the right path with environmentally sound energy practices for their brewing operations, we helped them reduce their overall energy costs in the process. Read the full case study here.


It takes massive amounts of energy to keep the financial sector functioning as the central nervous system of the world’s economy. Resiliency is also essential, as natural disasters happen more often than they used to and power outages can result in catastrophe. We support you with proven best practices and innovations in DER to create a sustainable energy strategy with resiliency built in.

To protect your operations, it’s critical to incorporate on-site power generation, sophisticated building automation and microgrid technologies. You’ll gain energy certainty, cost savings, and new revenue streams by tapping into our Resiliency 360 platform, which features:

  • Sustainable and renewable energy procurement
  • On-site, resilient power generation—solar-plus-energy storage, fuel cell, combined heat and power
  • Comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory and reduction strategies
  • Climate Action Plans and corporate sustainability training

Deep Expertise

When you partner with Environ, you tap into our expertise in DER, resiliency programs, energy procurement in deregulated markets, efficiency measures and successful sustainability strategies. We deliver best-in-class active management based on innovative technologies, including fuel cells, CHP systems and energy storage solutions.

Data Centers

The digital transformation is creating a global data explosion, and data centers are consuming massive amounts of energy. As a data center owner, you know it’s critical to implement clean, energy-efficient and resilient strategies to keep your facility running. We understand the latest technology advances to help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive down costs.

Environmental stewardship plays a major role in the design, construction and operation of modern data centers. We take a holistic problem-solving approach to develop sustainable and resilient energy solutions for data centers, including real-time energy management and grid-parallel microgrids.

DER in Action

We’ll work with you to implement “value stacking,” combining advanced technologies like fuel cells, combined heat and power, solar-plus-battery storage, and microgrid deployment. You’ll reduce how much power you buy from the grid, and you’ll create new revenue streams that improve the economics for DER. Most importantly, on-site power generation protects against a data center’s greatest adversary: downtime. With a properly engineered DER in place, a data center can disconnect from the grid and enter island mode, in case of a prolonged power outage.


Savvy travelers have more choices than ever, and they want to spend their dollars on clean, comfortable accommodations run by people who care about the environment. There’s no question that energy-conservation measures are also excellent for the bottom line and provide fantastic marketing value to any hospitality portfolio.

We’ve worked with some of the most recognizable names in the hospitality industry to manage energy costs, while maintaining guest comfort. We have the experience to help you with a comprehensive energy strategy that improves your property’s efficiency, resiliency and sustainability. Our best-in-class practices include:

  • Intelligent procurement strategies for power and natural gas
  • On-site, resilient power generation—solar-plus-energy storage, fuel cell, combined heat and power
  • Industrial-grade LED lighting and building automation upgrades
  • Climate Action Plans and incentive applications
  • Corporate sustainability training

Client Success

We’ve proudly assisted partners such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and Greenwich Hospitality Group in their efforts toward developing a more sustainable environment for their guests.


It’s time to modernize our government’s energy infrastructure, support technology innovation, and protect against potential attacks on the grid, both physical and cyber. Yet these safety and modernization concerns must be balanced with budgetary considerations, legislative regimes, and overall return on investment.

As a GSA-approved vendor, we will guide you through the steps toward a more sustainable future for your constituents, leveraging the same solutions used by the private sector. We help your agency comply with the public mandate to deliver waste-free services through DER deployment, resiliency programs, energy procurement in deregulated markets, efficiency measures and successful sustainability strategies.

Trusted Partners

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers programs, technical expertise and funding aimed at helping New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is the largest public transit authority in the United States, carrying more than 11 million passengers on an average weekday systemwide, and more than 850,000 vehicles on its seven toll bridges and two tunnels.

The mission of the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is to provide for the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods in the City of New York and to maintain and enhance the transportation infrastructure.

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