Energy Resilience Planning Services

Resiliency: The Ultimate Amenity

Energy is the lifeblood of every successful business— indeed, of our entire society. Yet because energy systems operate in the background, we rarely think about them until an energy-related outage exposes operational susceptibilities. That’s why a grid-independent energy source is critical for any organization that cannot afford an energy system failure.

Resiliency means more than just keeping the lights on. Without energy risk management, utility failure in a hospital puts lives at stake. Losing power in a university laboratory can set research back years. In a manufacturing environment, even a brief power interruption can knock systems offline for hours, causing loss of revenue and accelerating equipment deterioration for your New York business. Our unique energy advisory service methodology, Resiliency 360, is proven to minimize the consequences of a prolonged power outage and drive down operational costs, all while making a positive impact on the environment. From luxury high-rise residential buildings to data centers, and from cannabis facilities to chocolate factories, resiliency is the ultimate amenity for any commercial complex, and we’re the partner to deliver it.

How Resilient Are Your Operations?

To find the answer, we bring together diverse stakeholders and technical experts to assess your facility in New York. Next, we develop and deploy a comprehensive energy resilience plan that ensures full operations continue through an emergency power event or a simple utility outage

Resiliency 360: A Proven Methodology

With customer satisfaction, operational continuity and employee safety on the line, our Resiliency 360 energy risk management methodology helps avoid costly downtime in New York. We’ll design a plan that gives you clean, on-site power generation using technologies such as fuel cell, combined heat and power, and photovoltaic solar-plus-battery. You’ll be prepared for the unexpected, in addition to being able to create new revenue streams, save money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Ask yourself: what would happen if your business lost power tomorrow? The repercussions of a utility failure can range from expensive to fatal. Resilience is business-critical.

Consult with Environ to learn about resiliency options. Clean, on-site power generation and energy storage minimizes the consequences of a prolonged power outage and drives down operational costs.

We’ll help you implement our Resiliency 360 methodology, which gives you the tools to deploy an energy resiliency plan that keeps you running even when the grid is down.