It takes massive amounts of energy to keep the financial sector functioning as the central nervous system of the world’s economy. Resiliency is also essential, as natural disasters happen more often than they used to and power outages can result in catastrophe. We support you with proven best practices and innovations in DER to create a sustainable energy strategy with resiliency built in.

To protect your operations, it’s critical to incorporate on-site power generation, sophisticated building automation and microgrid technologies. You’ll gain energy certainty, cost savings, and new revenue streams by tapping into our Resiliency 360 platform, which features:

  • Sustainable and renewable energy procurement
  • On-site, resilient power generation—solar-plus-energy storage, fuel cell, combined heat and power
  • Comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory and reduction strategies
  • Climate Action Plans and corporate sustainability training

Deep Expertise

When you partner with Environ, you tap into our expertise in DER, resiliency programs, commercial energy procurement in deregulated markets, efficiency measures and successful sustainability strategies. We deliver best-in-class active management based on innovative technologies, including fuel cells, CHP systems and energy storage solutions for businesses in New York, NY and nationwide.