The industrial sector consumes 51% of total global energy usage—even more when transportation costs of manufactured goods are figured in. Industrial companies want to do their part in reducing the world’s carbon footprint, but balancing productivity and conservation is a challenge. Using proven economic models, Environ creates this balance. Every industrial enterprise presents a unique set of energy-related challenges. The type, size and location of your operation, as well as local and federal laws, play a role in determining how best to meet your particular energy needs. Our goal is to ensure you have on-site power generation, access to green energy providers, use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive down overall operating costs through comprehensive energy procurement strategies.

Client Success

We collaborated with Brooklyn Brewery in New York to find a holistic approach to their resilient energy needs by reviewing all aspects of the business. Not only did we put them on the right path with environmentally sound energy practices for their brewing operations, we helped them reduce their overall energy costs in the process. Read the full case study here.