Prepare for Earth Day with an Energy Efficiency Audit 

Apr 05, 2021

Prepare for Earth Day with an Energy Efficiency Audit 

Improve the Sustainability of Your Business in Boston, MA with These Critical Tips

Earth Day is on April 22nd. Have you thought about how you will be celebrating? Most businesses forget that there is an Earth Day. Still, it is an excellent time to evaluate your business plan and incorporate both renewable energy and sustainability into your business model. Protect the environment, lower your operational costs, and set an excellent example by consciously choosing to participate in Earth Day. Keep reading to learn three ways your business in Boston, MA can celebrate Earth Day: hosting corporate sustainability training, investing in electric vehicles, and conducting an energy efficiency audit.

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Host Corporate Sustainability Training

Corporate sustainability training has come to the forefront in business models and governance processes as leaders realize that integrating sustainability leads to growth opportunities and cost savings. Engaging in this training will allow your organization to understand why it is essential to address sustainability issues and how each individual, organization, and business can move toward more sustainable practices.

Environ is a proud leader of corporate sustainability. We can help you better understand the economic and social consequences of climate change, the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the benefits and possibilities of investing in renewable resources, and more.

Invest In Electric Vehicles 

More automakers are announcing goals to phase out fossil fuel engines, and states are rolling out grid make-ready programs to support electric charging infrastructure. One way to improve your business’s sustainability and positively impact the environment is to invest in commercial electric vehicles and charging stations for your business.

Car manufacturers such as General Motors and Jaguar are transitioning to all-electric vehicles in the next ten to fifteen years. The EV Make-Ready Program in New York reduces the upfront costs of building charging stations for light-duty EVs to encourage this technology. Investing in this technology now will offer you a long-term return on investment because, in the future, the infrastructure to support electric vehicles will be expected. Show your commitment to the environment and prepare for the future with this technology!

Conduct an Energy Efficiency Audit

An energy audit is an effective way for you to evaluate your business’s energy usage and then create a plan to make your usage more efficient. A professional energy auditor will visit your property and thoroughly inspect your lighting, HVAC system, refrigeration equipment, water-connected equipment, air compressors, and any other technology that utilizes energy. They will create a report of critical data such as temperatures, light levels, and power draws to paint a picture of how much energy you are using. Then, they will create an expert plan to reduce your energy costs using the data they collected and the unique features of your buildings. Partner with Environ to conduct an energy efficiency audit and take the next step toward a more Earth-friendly business.


Environ is here to help you with all your energy efficiency and sustainability needs. If you are ready to make the leap to a more sustainable energy solution, call (800) 375-1457 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us. We would love to work with you!