Why You Need to Consider Your Property’s Energy Efficiency

Sep 23, 2022

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Why You Need to Consider Your Property’s Energy Efficiency

Our Energy Efficiency Consultants Protect Your Bottom Line

Nothing is more important to the success of a business than efficiency. That’s why companies spend money training employees for greater productivity, integrating software to streamline and speed up processes and investing in hardware that makes everyone’s job easier. Energy efficiency is just as important to your company’s success, though it may be more daunting for CEOs or operation managers to approach it since it’s outside their realm of expertise.

Our energy efficiency consultants work with clients nationwide–including in major metro areas like New York City–to address their energy use strategically. Below we outline some of the benefits of a smarter approach to your energy consumption and showcase how we help you meet your energy goals.

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Reduce Energy Use and Carbon Emissions 

Achieving the same operational capacity while spending less energy is the primary goal of our energy efficiency solutions. Reducing your overall energy use means less reliance on the grid and, therefore, greater resiliency for your company during blackouts or brownouts. This greater efficiency also means lower carbon emissions. This is important even if you’re not the most eco-conscious company, as cities throughout the US are passing laws limiting properties’ CO2 emissions. New York City’s LL 154, for example, sets strict limits on CO2 emissions for new constructions, with the expectation being that they all be electric and fossil fuels-free by 2024.

Reduce Your Company’s Bottom Line 

Another reason it’s important to rethink your energy efficiency is the rising cost of energy around the world. As we go into more detail in a past blog, rising natural gas prices should be expected for the next few years due to the war between Russia and Ukraine increasing demand in Europe. On top of that, extreme weather conditions are constantly straining the US energy grid. The result is increased prices for traditional and renewable energy sources that could significantly test your bottom line. With more efficient energy use, it’ll be cheaper to produce your products, heat or cool your property and operate your facility. 

How Environ Can Help 

A wide range of energy efficiency solutions is available based on your existing budget. For some companies, starting with easy upgrades, such as replacing any incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with LED fixtures, is best. Next, adding insulation to your windows and doors will make it easier to cool or heat your space. Eventually, you’ll want to overhaul your HVAC system by replacing coolers and broilers and electrifying your building to limit your use of fossil fuels. Our energy efficiency consultants will work with you to identify your property needs and the best areas of improvement. 

Unlock your business’s full potential with more efficient use of energy. Plan strategic changes to your operations and property with the help of our energy efficiency consultants. Reach out for a one-on-one consultation by calling us at (888) 238-3492 or filling out our contact form.