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Crafting Procurement Solutions that Mitigate Risks

Our proven commercial energy procurement strategies give you a competitive edge. Energy is traded in financial markets many times more volatile than the stock market. To protect your budget, we structure a market procurement process that carefully balances your desire for savings and tolerance for risk. We employ leading-edge market analytics, including statistical probability modeling, just like the wholesale financial institutions that dominate the trading environment. 

Our solutions deliver the strongest credit suppliers, with contracts that correctly apportion risk and contain no hidden legal traps. We execute your savings strategy with precision from day one and keep working for you every day you’re in the market.

Our procurement specialists have proprietary access to wholesale and retail energy data in all markets, and we build models customized to your location and procurement needs. This depth of experience ensures optimal energy management services including purchasing and budgeting. We also offer the convenience of buying energy via our in-house reverse auction platform.

Verifiably Sustainable Procurement Services

Deploying sound procurement strategies should be a priority for all facilities management personnel. Environ can support your needs through a variety of services, including:

  • Fixed-rate products
  • Managed block/index products
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Virtual power purchase agreements
  • Proprietary procurement execution software
  • Renewable-energy wholesale transactions

Explore the Primary Energy Types Available

We provide commercial energy procurement services across all energy types, including electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and green power. Our team is composed of Certified Energy Procurement Professionals (CEPs), as sanctioned by the Association of Energy Engineers. Not only will they advise you on the ideal energy type for you, but find procurement strategies that meet your company goals.

Electricity: In states that offer full electricity deregulation, we assist you in energy procurement, by negotiating and executing the most reliable and economical supply contracts. As part of our procurement strategy, we use market research and analysis, energy profiling, contract legal reviews, running the RFP process, bid analysis and presentation of financial implications of pricing options.


Natural Gas: For facilities operating in states that offer full deregulation or “partial choice” for natural gas, we help you take advantage of significant cost savings. Most local utility companies have little motivation or incentive to lower costs, but by participating in a competitive, financially driven process through Environ you could save up to 10% to 20% per MMBTU. 

Green Power: Our competitive programs allow us to purchase power from wind, municipal waste gas, hydroelectric, solar and biomass sources at sharp market prices. Through the purchase of green energy, you can actively reduce your facility’s carbon footprint, achieving corporate and institutional sustainability goals in the process.


Consult with our procurement specialists to 
learn about commercial energy procurement options and strategies. Our experts understand the complexities of deregulated energy
markets and monitor them constantly to ensure
the best possible solutions for customers.

We’ll guide you in developing sound
procurement strategies that reduce your
energy costs, mitigate risk and protect your organization from energy price volatility.

We will implement a long-term budgeting strategy that will yield consistent results that meet your company goals and needs. Not only do we provide the solution, but expert monitoring to ensure the strategy is working as planned. 

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