Yoram Bernet

Co-Founder and CTO of Environ's Scope 5

Yoram boasts a 40 year career in high-tech with notable periods at AT&T, Bell Labs, and Microsoft. In 2009, he shifted his focus to sustainability, and founded Scope 5. The Scope 5 platform continues to be used 15 years later by medium to large enterprises, public and private, to monitor their sustainability performance, report to stakeholders with integrity and identify opportunities for improvement, whether reducing greenhouse gas emissions and costs, increasing resource efficiency or various other sustainability metrics.

Serving as CEO until June 2021, Yoram then assumed the role of CTO, concentrating on Scope 5’s next generation software product. His strengths lie in research and development, product management, and sustainability. Yoram’s educational background is in Electrical and Biomedical engineering. Yoram has contributed to technology standards, written for various publications and has spoken at numerous technology forums.

Yoram’s unique expertise in sustainability, specializing in greenhouse gas inventories and utilizing data to reduce environmental impact, enables him to make substantial contributions to the field.