Environ Energy’s Strategic Leap: Welcoming Prism Energy Services

Jan 19, 2024

Environ Energy’s Strategic Leap: Welcoming Prism Energy Services

You know Environ Energy for our pioneering role in sustainable energy management, and we have expanded our organization! We recently acquired Prism Energy Services, based in Massachusetts for a new alliance in the energy sector. Prism has carved a niche in energy management solutions which we are excited to further develop, heralding a new era in energy efficiency and innovation. For Environ Energy, acquiring Prism Energy Services isn’t just growth; it’s furthering our vision for innovative energy solutions and sustainable practices. 

Environ Energy: Pioneering Energy Management

Prism Energy Services has carved a niche for itself by offering an all-encompassing array of energy management services. These range from sophisticated lighting and control systems to natural gas solutions, innovative mechanical equipment, building envelope enhancements, water conservation techniques, and more. Their expertise covers a vast spectrum of sectors including biotechnology, academia, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government facilities, and more, marking them as a significant player in the New England energy landscape. Their teams are a great match for our experts, already helping organizations within these sectors.

A Synergistic Blend for a Sustainable Future

Mark Mininberg, the CEO of Environ Energy, expressed his enthusiasm about this strategic move, emphasizing that Prism’s impressive client-centric approach and sterling reputation align seamlessly with Environ’s dedication to delivering groundbreaking energy solutions. This merger promises a fusion of expertise and resources, setting the stage for enhanced customer service and a leap towards a greener future.

At the Forefront of Utility Engagement

Notably, Prism’s status as a preferred vendor for major New England utilities stands out. This strategic position empowers them to act as a bridge to utility rebate incentives for energy-efficient building upgrades, coupled with offering flexible financing solutions. By working hand-in-hand with utility partners, Prism adeptly negotiates utility incentives, dramatically boosting the economic feasibility of energy-efficient projects.

Local and National Reach

Prism’s collaborative efforts extend to local municipal utility companies and energy efficiency program administrators, aiding customers in HVAC and lighting energy efficiency solutions. Their extensive network includes Reading Municipal, Norwood Municipal Light Department, Efficiency Maine, Efficiency Vermont, among others. Prism’s active involvement with municipal, state, and federal energy efficiency programs in New England, along with their offering substantial benefits, including utility rebate incentives for energy-efficient building upgrades, complemently merges with our services offered. 

Being a part of Environ, Prism’s capabilities are expanded to better care for this region. Our wide reach with Environ expertise throughout the United States further amplifies its impact. We achieved this new alignment with the support of 424 Capital, a growth capital investor known for partnering with companies to foster long-term growth.

About Environ Energy

Environ Energy stands at the forefront of energy management, guiding client operations towards sustainability. Our services encompass enhancing building energy efficiency, facilitating clean energy procurement, increasing energy resiliency, and ensuring regulatory compliance. With a portfolio boasting over $1B in energy contracts and over $100M in client savings, Environ, headquartered from New York City, serves a diverse clientele across North America and beyond.

About Prism Energy Services

With over two decades of expertise, Prism Energy Services is a key player in New England’s energy management landscape. Specializing in lighting, HVAC, and utility incentives, Prism caters to a variety of industries. Their status as a preferred utility vendor and business certifications in Massachusetts and Rhode Island speak to their credibility and impact.

A Partnership Poised to Redefine Energy Solutions

As Environ Energy and Prism Energy Services unite their strengths, the energy solutions industry is poised to witness a significant transformation. Leading sustainability solutions for hospitals, universities, hospitality networks, and many other diverse fields, we are thrilled to continue expanding our value to clients, and thereby making a great environmental impact throughout the nation. This partnership not only signifies a leap in service quality and innovation but also reaffirms a shared dedication to environmental stewardship.

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